Arabian Thermal Aire Industries (ATAI)

With a 40 year track record as the leading manufacturer& supplier of HVAC, INDUSTRIAL & ACOUSTIC products throughout the Middle East ATAI remains committed to existing as well as new clients and pledges to continue ongoing investments in both reliable and competent staff and in modern fabrication technologies. We can provide our clients with the most extensive and unrivaled range of Fire Rated Ductwork, Standard Ductwork, Fire Dampers, Fire Smoke Dampers and Acoustic Products available in the GCC market place for the commercial and industrial sectors. Our first and foremost goal, at all times has been and always will be to surpass our client’s expectations in all areas of our business.

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Message from the Board


Dear Business Partner,

Thank you for the interest shown in our company and in our activities. Arabian Thermal Aire Industries Company Limited, known as ATAI in the industry, is a leading engineering and manufacturing company of AIR DISTRIBUTION, FIRE and ACOUSTIC systems. The plant is located in the Jubail Industrial City, in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This location puts us in a central position for indigenous and EXPORT Market.

ATAI is a manufacturer of HVAC and precision metal products and fabricates acoustic and fire rated systems compliant with international commercial and industrial standards.
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Focused on 3 Priorities

We aim to bring differentiated, high-quality and needed products to our customer, with our 3 global businesses, scientific and technical know-how and talented people. Everyone at ATAI is focused on 3 priorities – Innovation, Performance, Trust.



ATAI has obtained certification for various quality standards to meet specification standards.



ATAI has a quality system in place for reliably manufacturing to guarantee Premium quality products.



ATAI leveraged its strong reputation as a Manufacturer that fulfills orders on time.

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To fulfill your requirements, ATAI is across the world to ensure they meet your expectations.